My name is Colin Mudd and I am the Support Worker within the woodwork department.

I am very passionate about what I do and my aim is to “encourage and develop the abilities of the residents at all levels in these activities and, most of all, for them to get enjoyment from their work”.

The workshop environment allows the residents to learn and practice new skills. There is an immense amount of pride and joy which can be gained from making something from scratch and that’s what this workshop is about. We use only sustainable, resourced and recycled wood.

Our residents' creations

The residents participate fully in the projects that are undertaken and are created. These are available to be bought with all profits going back to the woodwork department, which enables us to develop and enhance the workshop even further.

Some of the items produced are pens, bowls and platters, twig vases and Christmas ornaments. The residents get real satisfaction and a sense of achievement not only from creating the items, but also from seeing them sold.

The items will be advertised on the website and also sold at events being held at Stallcombe throughout the year. However, if you wish to commission products in between time then do not hesitate to contact me here at Stallcombe.