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Family And Friends Association

About us and our history

When Stallcombe was founded in the early 80's. It had a group of sympathetic local friends working to help the staff and residents. This was set up as a separate charity originally called 'Friends of Stallcombe House'. In 2002 the current group, made up of both families and friends, was formed with a new name – 'Family and Friends of Stallcombe House' - but with the same charity number, and a small committee was elected. Since then we have held an AGM at Stallcombe every year on the Thursday before Easter with a simple soup, bread, cheese, salad and fruit lunch.

At our AGM in 2007 there was a strong feeling among those present that there was a need for a Support Group specifically for parents – and this includes siblings or relatives who are a resident's prime carer. Though no two situations are the same, we all have the common experience of having a relative at Stallcombe. A CARERS' SUPPORT GROUP was, therefore, formed as a sub-group of Family and Friends. Since then we have held several meeting which are very informal where we can share information. If there are any concerns we can gain some perspective and reassurance by discussing them with each other. Geographically we are a scattered group, and perhaps only a few can make any one meeting, but they have been interesting and useful.

We aim to

Help residents, management and staff in any practical way

Support parents and sibling carers of residents.

Offer friendship to individual residents

Fundraise for our own projects so that we can contribute to those extras which make such a difference to quality of life

How we spend our money

Providing those 'extras' for residents like DVD's, C.D's, books, specialised computer equipment, materials for hobby activities, etc.

Ensuring every resident has an individually tailored Christmas present and a birthday card each year

Giving money to each resident to help with their holidays or special 'days out'

We do not have a membership fee but would like more local support and are always very pleased for people to join us who, in return, will receive a copy of the Stallcombe Newsletter usually published two or three times a year. We are always very glad of, and do rely on, donations which will enable us to continue to help the residents as we have in the past.

Minutes from the AGM meeting held on 18th April 2019

Latest news

For more information please contact


Mrs Anne Sadler

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Jayne Redwood

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Mrs Pat Beswick

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